Yamaji Art

Yamaji Art is a 100% Aboriginal owned art centre servicing the Lower Murchison region of the Mid West of WA. Based in a coastal regional city, it services the surrounding regions and works with artists from or residing in Yamaji country.

As a contemporary, urban-based art centre it represents artists from more than five cultural groups. The artwork is a celebration of this broad diversity, showcasing a range of styles.

As an emerging art centre it is wholly inclusive of artists, from those just starting out to established and sought after professional artists.

"I paint about places that are special to me and my family in the Murchison."
- Olive Boddington, senior artist

Yamaji Art is located on 205 Marine Terrace, Geraldton WA.

You can contact them via:

PO Box 2803
Geraldton WA 6531
P (08) 9965 3440
Facebook  www.facebook.com/pages/Yamaji-Art

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