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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Wondering what are the schedule of pay rates for studio practitioners, public artists, media artists, practitioners in complementary roles and arts administrators?

The National Association for the Visual Arts's (NAVA) Code of Practice for the Professional Australian Visual Arts, Craft and Design Sector is the national best practice standard for the sector. It provides a set of practical and ethical guidelines for the conduct of business between art/craft/design practitioners and galleries, agents, dealers, retailers, buyers, sponsors and partners, commissioners, employers and the managers of residencies, workshops, competitions, prizes and awards.

The Code is an essential professional tool for the negotiation of contracts, agreements and entry conditions, and for the explanation of the business protocols and procedures of the visual arts, craft and design sector.

This fourth edition of the Code builds upon the first, second and third editions and includes a number of updates and revisions. NAVA will continue to update the Code of Practice as an online tool for the visual arts sector.

The information in this Code is not intended as legal advice. Users are advised to seek independent legal advice in relation to their specific circumstances.

For issues not covered by law, the Code of Practice for the Professional Australian Visual Arts, Craft and Design Sector presents a set of best practice standards for the industry which can be used as the basis for negotiation between practitioners and those with whom they deal professionally.

To read and download the free Code, please click here.





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