Shire of East Pilbara’s Art Award Residency

Monday, 3 February 2014

Key Dates:

21 February (applications close)

This six to eight week Art at the Heart residency includes accommodation, access to a work space, the use of a hire vehicle, a commission budget of up to $40,000 and an artist prize of $15,000.

The Shire of East Pilbara is committed to developing art that is meaningful to its local communities and reflective of their identity and place. To celebrate this diversity and showcase the regions beauty, the Shire of East Pilbara is providing an exciting opportunity for an artist to spend six to eight weeks advancing their creative practice by exploring, experiencing and responding to the vast and unique region.

The artist concept and materials should reflect the region and encompass the artist's experiences within the Shire. While the artwork may be ephemeral, the artist should be able to demonstrate that he/she can leave a lasting token of their experience in the shire.

During the residency, the artist is expected to enhance the capacity of local artists and wider community members by facilitating workshops and informative talks not only in Newman, where the artist will be based, but in Marble Bar and Nullagine as well. A demonstrated plan of how the artist will engage the community throughout the residency period is essential to the application, however the minimum number and form of these sessions will be agreed upon between the artist and the Shire of East Pilbara in the artists residency agreement.

See here for the Art at the Heart project brief.



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